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Woody's Guitars 

Fifty years of experience rest in Woody's hands and his passion, love, and admiration for Guitars as tools, art, and an extension of the owner is reflected in his work.


Woody believes there are no bad guitars. Let's face it there are many levels of quality and countries of manufacturing. Even my beloved 1950's and 60's Gibson's and Rickenbacker have features that far out pace today's guitars but also lack some of the cool updates that are available on today's cheapest offering. 

Professional Setup Services

  • Action is the key with this set properly a guitar is easier to play and sounds much better.
  • Proper setting of the Pickups to your strings and the distance between them can make a huge difference between a guitar that sounds ok and one that sounds great.
  • Connections of the components must be solid and tight a poor solder joint or glue joint can mean not only poor sound but future problems. 

Professional Restoration

  • That old Guitar setting in the closet or under the bed is just asking for some tender loving care.
  • From Lifted bridges to just new strings we can solve your problems.
  • Keep in mind Guitars don't last forever without care. We can bring most of them back but great grandpa's old guitar may be beyond repair at a cost that is reasonable. If that is the case we will be honest and let you know. You can spend a lot of money on a Guitar that after your done with it, the restoration has compromised its value. We will save you that waist of money and if nothing else make it what it is, a valued piece of art.